Invest and Support

Stenton Guild, as you now know, is in a 100yo or so industrial building. This building requires upgrades to improve it’s energy efficiency and reduce it’s environmental impact.
We are actively seeking financial and time investments. All investments will focus foremost on reducing our energy consumption.

Current wish list improvements include:
Insulating our roof for a drastic reduction in heating and cooling requirements.
Replacing an all eletric heating and cooling system with a high efficiency gas heat system.
Geothermal air conditioning.
26 new energy saving windows to replace 100yo units.
A green roof to reduce storm water impact on the rivers of Philadelphia.
Solar panels for renewable energy.

Some of these improvements will also improve the appeal of the building and the surrounding neighborhood.

To learn more about how you can invest, please call Ed Lampe at 215-843-5640 or e-mail us at