Tenant Directory

Some of Stenton Guild’s Tenants

Brad Litwin – Kinetic Works
Website: www.bradlitwin.com
2D/3D creations and kinetic artwork.
Nancy Agati
Website: NancyAgati.com
Email: agati12@yahoo.com
Specialty: 2D/3D Mixed Media
Other Information: Work also posted at www.inliquid.com and http://afonline.artistsspace.org
 Tom Csaszar
Speciality: Paintings
Wendy Osterweil
Website: WendyOsterweil.com
Specialty: Printmaking and Fiber Arts
Jenna Hannum
Phone: 215.839.9748
Website: JennaHannum.com
e-mail: info@jennahannum.com
Paintings and works on paper
David Posey
Website: DWPosey.com
Specialty: Painting / Interior Muralist
Other Information: BFA,
Art Center College OF Design,
Los Angeles,  California
Ron Smith Photography
Phone: 267.307.5385
Website: www.ronsmithphotography1.com
Email: mrron@verizon.net
Specialty: Photography
Other Information: Specializing in Family and Glamour Photography
Strong Majic Films
Phone: 917.749.4171
Email: ablandon@strongmajicfilms.com
Specialty: Narrative and Documentary Films
The Big Picture Alliance
Phone: 215.381.2588
Website: www.bigpicturealliance.org
Email: info@bigpicturealliance.org
Specialty: Non-profit youth media education programs
Other Information: The BPA engages and educates disadvantaged urban youth in communication, life and job skills through the inspiring and collaborative process of filmmaking
Matt Muetterties
Phone: 610.659.6822
Website: MuettertiesCarpentry.com
Specialty: Cabinet Making
Hans Diefenderfer
Specialty: Cabinetry, Fine Woodworking,
Finish Woodworking
David J. Sennick
Phone: 732.996.9564
Email: djandcathy@comcast.net
Specialty:Cabinetry / Furniture
Matt Smolens
Phone: 215.260.0361
e-mail: matthew.smolens@gmail.com
Specialty: Cabintery / Fine woodworking
 Benjamin Blei Revise Studio
Phone: 215.837.0146
Specialty: Cabintery / Fine woodworking
Melo Studios
Jess Lee + Olivia Lotz
Website: MeloStudios.com
Specialty: Hand poured soy candles in reclaimed vintage glass
Burndown Studios
Phone: 267.408.3005
Website: www.myspace.com/burndownstudios
Email: quiksneaks@hotmail.com
Specialty: Recording Studio
Nicetown Apparel
Print & Promo
Phone: 267.688.5796
Website: myspace.com/nicetownapparel
Email: jakenta@msn.com
Specialty: Printing / Marketing / Promotion / Design
Other Information:Let our business help your business 

Grain Eyewear
Website: graineyewear.com
Specialty: Handmade wood framed sunglasses

Ellsworth and Clyde
Website: ellsworthandclyde.com
Handmade quality tie bars made from wood and leather

Ramesh Bishop Model Crafters
Phone: 802.310.6815
Website: ModelCrafters.com  
Email: modelcrafters@yahoo.com
Flicker: flickr.com/photos/modelcrafters
Specialty: Commemorative models, Interpretive Models and Dioramas
Other Information:Building operating and static models commemorating historic events and landmarks i.e. American Civil War dioramas, Transcontinental Railroad, Historic Railroad Stations, WWII, etc. 

Venture Eyewear
Speciality: Laser cutting and engraving services